Wild brawl erupts at Summernats car festival in Canberra

Shocking footage of a wild brawl that erupted between what appears to be security guards and revellers at a popular festival has been shared online.

It’s understood the ugly brawl took place at the Summernats annual car festival that kicked off on Thursday in Canberra.

In the clip, a group of men can be seen clashing with a large group of security guards donning hot pink vests that read ‘crowd safety’.

“Good to see everyone behaving themselves today,” the person who shared the footage wrote on social media.

The clip begins with a large group of guards in pink vests bunched together as revellers appear to taunt them by jeering and throwing cans in their direction.

Moments later the confrontation escalates as a number of the guards, easily identifiable in pink vests, begin swinging at members of the crowd as stunned onlookers watch on.

One Summernats reveller, who appears to be attempting to calm the situation down, is knocked out cold.

One furious guard can be heard yelling “I’ll kill you” as multiple fights beging breaking out.

Another is heard shouting “he started it”.

“As security guard, I have extremely strong doubts that they are licensed at all. The behaviour they show is definitely not professional nor likely legal,” one person wrote online.

“Also later in the video we do see someone in yellow with security written on their back.

“That being said I’ve have in the past had to be rather rough and physical when working festivals and events, but never have I thrown a punch.

“I have shoved, pushed and even tackled but never actually punched or kicked anyone while carrying out my duties.”

ACT police confirmed to news.com.au they were investigating the incident and that no arrests had been made yet.

“ACT Policing is aware of an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon inside EPIC,” they said.

“Investigations into the incident are ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time. No further comment will be made while investigations are ongoing.”

Summernats is an annual car festival that has been held in Canberra every year since 1987, except 2021 due to the pandemic.

It is the best known specialist car enthusiast festival in Australia, with the event attracting many tourists to Canberra and raking in $20 million in economic benefit to the ACT economy each year.

More than 120,000 motoring fanatics were expected to spill into Canberra’s Exhibition Park for the festival, with the event showcasing over 2500 cars, from tricked-out Holden’s to purpose-built speedsters and track-only dragsters.

Rev-heads travel from all over the country for Summernats, which features burnout and skid events, as well as the infamous mullet competition.

Summernats co-owner Andy Lopez said earlier this year the event will “undoubtedly be the biggest Summernats ever”.

“Its an automotive lovefest … Canberra can be a bit grey, a bit beige. What we bring is chrome, colour, and noise,” Mr Lopez told Sky News.

“I’m probably being a bit unfair to Canberra, it’s a fantastic place. It’s been our home for 30-something years, We just bring something a bit different”.

Mr Lopez said organisers worked closely with ACT Police, from the planning stage right through to the implementation of the event.

“As a proper street machine community, we also share their view of zero tolerance for poor behaviour on public roads,” he said.

“Events like Summernats are built to allow you to show off, whether registered or unregistered cart, in a safe environment.

“If you want to do burnouts do it on our burnout pad. If you want to do skids, do it on our skid row. Don’t do it on a public street.”

The four-day festival has attracted controversy in previous years, including after the death of Luke Newsome in 2019, who died after falling from the back of a ute.

News.com.au has reached out to the organisers of Summernats for comment.

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