‘We are his karma’: Sisters call for dad’s execution after tracking him down

A pair of sisters, who spent a year tracking down their wanted father, are calling for him to be executed if convicted.

Ana and Yaneiry Albarran from the US launched a campaign to find their father Davie Albarran, 51, on social media after a warrant was issued for his arrest for sexual battery on a child under 12 and lewd conduct with a child under 12 in Osceola County, Florida.

He was eventually tracked down and arrested last week, after over a year on the run.

Mr Albarran had previously been charged with sexual battery of a child under 12 in Orange County, California, in 2003. However the case was dismissed, according toInside Edition.

Speaking to Daily Mail, sisters Ana and Yaneiry said they want their dad spend 20 years rotting in prison if convicted, before being executed.

“I want the death penalty. He should get the worst punishment possible, the worst there is,” Ana, 33, told the publication.

The sisters claim there are over 20 alleged victims, between the ages of four and 16, that say they were sexually assaulted by their father over a period of two decades.

Ana also alleged Mr Albarran abused her.

“It will be an honour for him to know that we are the reason for him to leave the earth. We want him to know we are his karma,” said Yaneiry, 30.

“He has traumatised generations of women. The trauma he has left behind is still visible on their faces. He deserves to pay for every single one of the victims he has hurt,” she alleged.
Calls for their father’s execution comes after a law was passed in Florida in 2023 that allows the death penalty for those convicted of sexually battering children under the age of 12.

Multiple warrants were issued for Mr Albarran’s arrest in November 2022.

Leaping into action, Ana and Yaneiry launched a widespread social campaign across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok where their videos have wracked up over 3.7 million likes.

Over the course of 541 days, they researched their father’s whereabouts, “staked out” various locations, spoke to police, and raised money to pay for an electronic billboard, in the hopes of tracking him down.

“Please share and paint the city with his face,” Anna wrote in one of her Facebook posts. “He’s on the run and the cops are looking for him.”

Their handwork eventually paid off and the US television program America’s Most Wanted featured Mr Albarran on their program in December 2022.

The sisters reappeared on the program again earlier this month, where they pleaded for information.

After the program aired, the sisters received a text message from a person who claimed they had previously housed their father last year.

“She didn’t know until America’s Most Wanted that he was wanted for those horrible crimes,” Ana told the Daily Mail.

“She’s innocent and she is the one who told us who must be helping him”

She quickly passed on her father’s location to police, who found him at his sister’s home in Country Haven Drive in Lakeland, Florida, two weeks ago.

“When he [Albarran] came to Lakeland, we received confidential information,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told Metro.

“So we snuck around Sunday night just before midnight in a backyard in Country Haven Drive. Well, it might have been Country Haven Drive, but it was no ‘haven’ for him’.”

At the time of his arrest, Mr Albarran also owed child support in Orange County, according to Sheriff Judd.

The sisters later celebrated their dad’s capture in a video posted to TikTok.

“Thanks to America’s Most Wanted, he’s only been on the show for a week and we found him!” they said in the video, as they cheered and popped champagne bottles.

“We found him!”

Ana said she was in “disbelief” when she first learnt the news.

“I started screaming. I was crying,” she told WFTV.

“We are his karma. I want him to see that we got him,” said Yaneiry.

County Sheriff’s Office told Daily Mail officers are “looking into” investigating Mr Albarran’s sister.

Mr Albarran will stand trial in Osceola County.

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