Victoria police rescue of town hikers from remote Alpine Region caught on video

Dramatic new video has captured the moment two hikers were rescued by helicopter after spending the night stranded in Victoria’s remote Alpine Region.

The 63-year-old and 71-year-old men were winched to safety by police Air Wing and Search and Rescue Squad officers from Mount Bogong on Sunday.

The experienced hikers are believed to have misjudged the difficult terrain and called emergency services for a welfare check on Saturday evening.

The Search and Rescue Squad contacted the men and after speaking with them determined they had enough supplies and experience to stay the night.

Police returned the following morning when a plan was made to winch them to safety, after which they were checked over by ambulance paramedics.

Mount Bogong is one of the highest peaks in Australia sitting at almost 2000m above sea level and is popular during winter for back country skiing.

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