Victoria Police footage of five men attacking speed cam in Coburg, Melbourne

Shocking footage has been released of a mobile speed camera being attacked by five men in central Melbourne.

The attack occurred on Nicholson Street in Coburg, north of Melbourne’s CBD, just after midnight on Friday morning.

Video footage shows the offenders, clad in makeshift balaclavas, charge at the traffic camera vehicle and begin vandalising the speed cam as it recorded them.

One of the men drags a council wheelie bin over and launches it at the back window, while others hurled what appeared to be large rocks.

The footage featured three men, but investigators allege five offenders were involved in the attack, ambushing the car and jumping on its roof.

Several windows were broken during the attack, Victoria Police said.

The video showed the back windscreen covering the camera becoming progressively more cracked before it shattered completely. Impressively, the camera itself didn’t appear to stop working.

Images of the car after it was vandalised showed a badly shattered front windscreen and back windscreen that was busted in.

Incredibly, Victoria Police said the car was occupied when it was attacked.

Towards the end of the clip, the offenders became startled and fled on foot as the car started up and began to move.

The 36-year-old worker inside, presumably from Serco, a contractor that operates mobile speed cameras in Victoria, drove away from the group, Victoria Police said.

He was treated for minor cuts.

Sharnika Paris’ bin was used by the men to smash the car’s windows in.

“Pretty shocking really. It’s not very nice to know that it’s happening out the front of your house,” Ms Paris said.

Victoria Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

No arrests or charges have yet been laid.

The attack came just days after Serco workers walked off the job on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, demanding better working conditions and safety precautions.

Members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) said not enough was being done to protect workers from potentially life-threatening attacks.

CPSU spokesman Julian Kennelly called on the Victorian government to step in and take the contract, which would allow Victoria Police to offer operators protections such as police signage.

“We want a hero to step in, hopefully the state government, to force some sensible talks around the safety of these operators at work, about their pay and conditions,” Mr Kennelly told Sky News on Friday.

“It’s a much better operation for us to have unsworn officers directly employed by Victoria Police.

“If it’s actually about road safety, and not revenue from speeding motorists, then this should not be a problem for the government to step in and take the contract back.”

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