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Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin meet amid concerns over military ties between Pyongyang and Moscow

Seoul: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Moscow and Pyongyang would sign an agreement to strengthen ties and thanked North Korea for supporting the Kremlin’s Ukraine policy.
At the start of his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the Russian leader said in a statement carried by the Russian state-run Tass and RIA Novosti news agencies that “the new basic document will form the basis of our long-term relations.”
Putin hailed the “close friendship” between the two countries based on “equality and respect for mutual interests” and noted that they are “fighting the imperialist hegemonic policy of the United States and its satellites against the Russian Federation.”
“We appreciate your consistent and unchanging support for Russian policies, including the Ukrainian direction,” Putin added.
Upon Putin’s arrival at night, Kim greeted him, shook his hand, hugged him twice, and took him from the airport in a limousine to a huge motorized cable car that rolled through the brightly lit streets of the capital, where buildings were decorated with giant Russian flags and Russian flags. Portraits of Putin.
North Korean state media described the meeting between the leaders as a historic event that proves the “invincibility and durability” of friendship and unity between the two nations. Huge crowds lined the streets to greet Putin’s motorcade ahead of the talks, chanting “Welcome Putin” and waving flowers and North Korean and Russian flags.
Putin, who traveled to North Korea for the first time in 24 years, was quoted before official media outlets as saying the two countries wanted to work closely together to overcome US-led sanctions and actively develop their partnership. He also said he appreciated North Korea’s strong support for its military actions in Ukraine. In 2022, the Kremlin launched a full-scale invasion of the neighboring country.
Putin’s visit comes amid growing concerns over the arms deal, in which Pyongyang will supply Moscow with ammunition badly needed for Russia’s war in Ukraine in exchange for economic aid and technology transfers that would increase the threat posed by Kim’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.
North Korea is under severe economic sanctions from the UN Security Council over its nuclear weapons and missile programs, and Russia is also battling sanctions from the United States and its Western partners over its aggression in Ukraine.
Putin will be accompanied by several senior officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Denis Mantrurov, Defense Minister Andrey Belousov and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, his foreign policy advisor Yuri Usakov said. He said that many documents will be signed during the visit, including an agreement on a comprehensive strategic partnership.
US and South Korean officials have accused the North of providing artillery, missiles and other military equipment to Russia for use in Ukraine, possibly in exchange for key military technologies and assistance. Both Pyongyang and Moscow deny allegations of arms shipments to North Korea, which would violate a number of UN Security Council sanctions previously approved by Russia.
Along with China, Russia has provided political cover for Kim’s continued efforts to develop his nuclear arsenal, repeatedly blocking US-led efforts to impose new UN sanctions on the North over its weapons tests.
In addition to sending military supplies to Russia to aid its war with Ukraine, the North may seek to increase labor exports and other illegal activities to earn foreign currency in defiance of UN Security Council sanctions, according to a recent report by the National Security Institute. A think tank run by Strategy, South Korea’s main spy agency. They are likely to discuss expanding agricultural, fishing and mining cooperation, as well as further promoting Russian tourism in North Korea, the institute said.

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