US Election 2024: Commentators say Michelle Obama ‘wants to run’, comments ‘could be the beginning of her campaign’

An interview with Michelle Obama has sparked a firestorm of speculation over the First Lady’s push for the US Presidency.

Ms Obama expressed her fear about the potential outcome of the 2024 election as ageing combatants Joe Biden and Donald Trump prepare to lock horns again at the polls in comments made on the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast.

Currently the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Mr Trump is leading President Biden in five out of six key swing states and has reignited his supporter base following his controversial ousting from the top role in 2020.

Despite facing legal troubles and multiple indictments at both state and federal levels, Mr Trump maintains his innocence, and national polls show him leading Biden.

But Ms Obama says whether her nation likes it or not, America is defined by its leaders. She called voiced her opposition to injustice, ego, greed, racism, and ignorance, condemning what she described as childish leadership and emphasising the significance of the tone and tenor of political messages.

“I am terrified about what could possibly happen, because our leaders matter,” she said, arguing that “we cannot take this democracy for granted, and sometimes I worry that we do”.

The former First Lady also revealed she holds concerns over wars in various regions and the future of artificial intelligence.

While the former First Lady omitted names, some conservative voters believed her comments were just another attempt at discrediting at Mr Trump’s run for re-election.

But others believe her comments revealed her desire to push Biden aside and lead the way for the Democrats.

“She wants to run,” Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said on Fox News.

“If she were really concerned about the future of the country, she’d be on the campaign trail with Joe Biden.

“She is just as concerned about him as she is about Donald Trump. This is her way of sending out a canary in the coal mine to see if it lives.

“I think this could be the beginning of her campaign.”

It’s not the first time Michelle Obama’s name has been floated.

In September last year, Outkick CEO Clay Travis said Mr Biden’s health could deteriorate before Americans head to the polls and predicted Ms Obama would become a popular figure among the US left wing.

“I think the Democrats are going to end up drafting Michelle Obama,” Mr Travis told Sky News host Piers Morgan.

“I think Biden is going to get so much worse physically that it’s going to be impossible and they’ll have a brokered convention and they’ll have to find somebody new.”

Aussie TV commentator and author Peter FitzSimons threw some fuel on the debate earlier this week, calling for Ms Obama to throw her hat in the ring.

“She would be a great candidate for American president,” FitzSimons tweeted on Wednesday, prompting a wave of reaction in his comments.

Last year Obama gave Oprah a “resounding no” when asked if she would consider running.

But the former first lady recently revealed the looming 2024 presidential election keeps her up at night, and warned “we cannot take this democracy for granted”.

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