Tasmanian Attorney-General Elise Archer kicked out of cabinet, Jeremy Rockliff announces

Tasmanian Attorney-General and Justice Minister Elise Archer has resigned, Premier Jeremy Rockliff has said.

Speaking to reporters at a snap press conference in Launceston, Mr Rockliff said he had requested and received Ms Archer’s resignation from his cabinet.

Ms Archer will also leave parliament.

The intervention follows the establishment of an independent probe into Ms Archer over allegations of bullying behaviour, alongside leaked texts revealed on Friday morning which attacked Mr Rockliff and a number of his colleagues.

The Tasmanian Liberal government will now fall further into minority, holding only 10 of the 25 seats in the state’s House of Assembly.

Citing his government’s ministerial code of conduct, Mr Rockliff said he expected a “very high standard” from his cabinet members.

“I said this week that culture and a changing of culture in Tasmania is absolutely paramount. If culture in this state is to change it requires leadership and accountability and I intend to demonstrate that.

“I intend to start from the top and demonstrate that accountability as Premier of Tasmania.”

Mr Rockliff said a new minister would be announced in the coming days.

More to come.

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