Sydney woman hit by car that failed to stop on red light in Ryde

Dashcam footage has revealed the horror moment a woman is hit by a car when it fails to stop at a red light, flinging her down onto the road.

The video was initially shared to Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia and shows the woman waiting to cross an intersection in North Sydney at about 6pm on February 29.

As the light turns red, the woman can be seen stepping out onto the pedestrian crossing at Church Street in Ryde with her head down.

Suddenly a silver car drives through the red light and hits the woman with the side of the vehicle, knocking her down onto the road and flinging her bag meters down the street.

The car can then be seen slowing down once it passes through the intersection.

Another pedestrian quickly rushes across the intersection to help the woman before a motorbike rider parks his car at the red light and runs over to offer assistance.

The video ends with the woman being cared for on the pathway as the dashcam owner turns up the street and the trio fall out of view.

Despite the scary incident, NSW Police confirmed they did not need to attend to the woman — and no injuries were reported to emergency services.

Dash Cam Owners Australia defended the pedestrian after comments said she should have looked while crossing the road.

“People saying the pedestrian should look, if this was a vision impaired person who started crossing on the tone change would you be saying the same thing to them?” the account commented.

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