Sydney gang rapist Mohammed Skaf’s ex-lover Alexandra Mastropetros has appeared in court

The former lover of Australia’s worst gang rapist Mohammed Skaf donned an $3,000 designer outfit as she fronted a Sydney court.

Alexandra Mastropetros faced Bankstown Local Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to stalking and intimidating Skaf, and smuggling $100,000 worth of drugs into prison.

Ms Mastropetros was seen carrying a $3,000 Yves Saint Laurent handbag she made her way into the court on Thursday, flanked by her lawyer.

She last appeared at Bankstown on November 16 when she was seen with a Fendi Baguette bag, which retails about $5,000.

The 32-year-old was told the matter would not be heard until February 22 after an application by her lawyer, Moustafa Daoudie, who had only taken over Ms Mastropetros’ on Tuesday.

“(An adjournment of) four weeks would allow Ms Mastropetros to obtain psychological treatment and a phycological report to put her full subjective case before the court,” Mr Daoudie said.

In granting the adjournment, Magistrate Glenn Walsh said the drug supply charges carried a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment and there would be “complex” subjective material.

“The garnering of subjective material to mitigate the circumstances of sentencing is not an easy or quick thing to do. The prosecution do no not object to an adjournment,” he said.

Skaf was sentenced to 23 years in prison for his role as the ringleader in a spate of notorious gang rapes in Sydney’s southwest in 2000, and was jailed alongside his brother Bilal and several others.

He was sensationally released from Sydney’s Long Bay jail in 2021, two years before his jail sentence due to expire. Two years later, Skaf and Ms Mastropetros began their short-lived relationship.

Documents tendered to court reveal that only months after separating in March 2023, Ms Mastropetros intimidated Skaf during a heated phone call to “highly suggest” he withdraw a police statement.

Skaf provided a statement to police on May 16 “in relation to being extorted for $20,000”, after which he received a phone call from a private number, which was revealed to be Ms Mastropetros.

According to the court documents, Skaf, who had put the phone on loudspeaker to record it, questioned her, stating: “Why are you calling me to withdraw a statement, it’s got nothing to do with you.”

In response, Ms Mastropetros said she wasn’t telling Skaf to withdraw the statement to police, just that she “highly suggests” he did, stating: “That’s snitching, you don’t go snitching.”

She went on to tell Skaf “you’ve been in jail for 21 years. You should know the go” and to stop “barking you hayawem”, an Arabic word for animal. She also called him the “biggest snitch” in Sydney.

“If you don’t go and withdraw this f***ing statement … I promise you by oath of allah and I’m going to go and f*** up your life,” she said, before ending the call by telling Skaf to go “f**k yourself”.

The documents state Skaf felt intimidated after the call and that he believed Ms Mastropetros was going to send someone to his house to cause serious harm to either him or his family.

Ms Mastropetros also previously pleaded to an unrelated charge of supplying a prohibited drug after she was caught with 4.86g of methamphetamine, totalling to about $100,000 worth.

Police found drug-filled balloons in her Louis Vuitton handbag when they stopped her rental car as she drove into Hunter Correctional Centre at Cessnock in January, according to court documents.

At the prison to visit her ex-fiancee, Ms Mastropetros told police she had purchased 100 buprenorphine strips from a Punchbowl service station to help her calm down and that they were for personal use.

When questioned by police as to the fact that she would have been aware of the restrictions and procedures of the prison having visited fortnightly for three months, Ms Mastropetros did not respond.

She will reappear before the court for sentencing on February 22.

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