Swifties hate Australia Eras Tour surprise song mashups

Outraged Taylor Swift fans have called out Australia online for special treatment from the pop superstar, with some of her most popular songs getting exclusive mashups on her Eras Tour Down Under.

On Sunday night in Sydney, Swift performed an exclusive mashup of her two songs Haunted and Exile to roaring applause and millions of views online.

This is the second time she’s performed Exile during her concert tour, with Swift telling Australian audiences that she’d start repeating some of the unique “surprise” songs that she’d played each night.

“Australia has won the Eras Tour,” one commenter wrote on TikTok to 19,000 likes.

During her surprise song segment of the tour, Swift can wear a variety of different coloured dresses – and Swifties noticed the musician often wore her yellow dress on nights where she dropped a shock mashup.

“It’s always at the scene of the crime,” one comment said.

Swifties who had heard Haunted or Exile before Sunday night were upset that their surprise song was played again – but Swift told a Melbourne crowd that surprise songs would no longer be exclusive to one show.

“I want to be as creative as possible with the acoustic set moving forward and I don’t want to limit anything or say, ‘Oh, if I played this song, I can’t play it again’,” she said.

“I want to be able to play songs more than once if I feel like it and I want to be able to make changes to songs.”

Reactions to these performances have ranged from envious to outraged. Many fans were upset that they missed out on a chance to hear one of their favourite songs in person a second time, while others were angry that a song they’d heard live was no longer exclusive to their show.

“We’re living in a world where Taylor Swift has a favourite child, and it’s definitely Australia,” one X/Twitter user said.

Another listed Swift’s surprise song mashup as one of several “Things trying to kill you in Australia”.

Meanwhile, others branded Australia as “#1 Public Enemy”, with one user writing, “I hate Australia, I hate Aussies, f**k you all!!!”

“I can’t read anything,” one Australian user responded. “I’m currently recovering from ‘Is It Over Now’, ‘I Wish You Would’, ‘Exile’ and ‘Haunted’. We love you too.”

Fans are predicting Swift’s final show in Australia will be another envious mashup of two rarely heard songs, ending her two-week tour in the country with a bang.

Each of Swift’s shows have packed the MCG and Accor Stadium with tens of thousands of fans, with Swift calling the energy of the crowd “uncharted territory”.

“This feels like a hallucination I’m having,” she said.

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