Star sex worker Thaina Fields dies, aged 24

A porn star who was sexually abused in the adult movie business has been found dead at her home.

The body of adult actress Thaina Fields was discovered at her home in Trujillo, Peru on January 6.

Police have not yet revealed the 24-year-old’s cause of death, The Sun reported.

But just eight months ago, Fields, whose real first name is Abigail, revealed she had suffered “very strong” sexual abuse when she started her career in the sex industry.

She said at the time: “I have suffered sexual harassment and abuse after starting to create adult content. It’s very strong.

“Many thought that by hiring me they could do what they wanted with me, but then I came home, took a bath and cried.

“He told me that I had to be strong and I let it go. It happened to me many times.

“It is very difficult to be a woman and create adult content when society is literally in s**t.”

Thaina was famous for her roles in erotic movies made by production company Milky Peru.

Content creator and close friend Alejandra Sweet said: “Thaina, beautiful, from where you are, you shine like a star and I am sure of that, I can’t say more.

“I was just hoping that you would respond to my last message. A kiss to heaven.”

Milky Peru said: “We can’t believe this, we refuse to be without you, we would like to see you one more time, my ‘Chinis’.

“We hope someone wakes us up from this bad dream. You will always be in our hearts. “Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life.”

This article first appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission.

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