Sovereign citizen Chloe Fisher pulled over by Victoria police and issued fines

A self-proclaimed ‘sovereign citizen’ has filmed herself getting into an altercation with police after being stopped by highway patrol.

Driver Chloe Fisher was pulled over by police while out driving in Victoria due to having fake number plates and an unregistered vehicle.

But when the two officers attempted to engage with her and explain what she had done wrong, she told them she was a sovereign citizen and that her vehicle was “private”.

“I’ve been pulled over by highway patrol, I don’t feel the need to pull over,” she said.

“There’s no emergency, so I’m waving him on.”

As the officers get out of their vehicle, she winds down her window and demands to know what the “emergency” is – to which an officer replies “you”.

One of the officers asks the woman if she vehicle is registered, to which she responds by telling him it is “private”.

He then questions here about her car’s number plates, stating that they are “false”.

“I’m in terra Australis, there is no state,” she tells them.

“I’m so tired of this s**t. They’re private plates, nothing false about them. You guys are the fraudulent ones.

“I will uphold the truth. Unfortunately you guys are the ones who sped to catch up to me.

“I’m locking my car. I’m a vulnerable lady in the middle of nowhere with two big a** costume wearers.

“I’m just so sick of being f**king harrassed. It’s not stopping me.”

As she waits for the police officers to return to her vehicle, she goes on to insult their appearance and claims the whole force is “sick” due to having COVID-19 vaccinations.

“He actually looks like Doc Martin. You look like s**t.” she exclaimed.

“God, they’re so robotic. The other one has got f**ked teeth, it looks like he just came out of jail.

“They’re wasting my time. F**k he is a big boy, I called him baldy.

“He is actually a really pathetic looking policeman. One, you need to spend a lot of f**king money on your mouth, obviously an ex-druggie.

“And you, you need to f**king diet. A little bit of self-care, take your head out of your a**.

“And me, well I just need to get better at blending in.”

Chloe then goes on a baseless rant about the police, claiming that they are “fraudulent” and guilty of various crimes.

“You guys are working for a fraudulent corporation who is this close to being tried for crimes against humanity, genocide and fraud,” she said.

“I kind of feel like I’m sitting in a better spot than you are.

“If you don’t want to get on the train outta hell, then that’s fine. That is your karma.”

After a few minutes, the two policemen come back and breathalyse the woman before issuing her with a two fines.

“There are two infringements, one for having an unregistered motor vehicle and the other for not displaying plates registered to that vehicle,” the officer said.

“My details are on the bottom, both infringements are due on the 1st of February.”

The woman tries to put her car window up before she can be given the fines, but they get caught at the top.

“No contract,” she yells, as she attemps to quickly do her window up.

In a hilarious fail, the infringement is caught wedged by her window inside the car.

“F**k, they got me. I don’t want to touch it, here is proof that I didn’t touch it.

“I’m just going to f**king leave them, on the side of the road.

“Damn they tried to shove it in my window. It just caught.

“They literally pulled me over, write two fines. I’m slowly putting my window up, no contract, and he shoves it in.

“I didn’t touch it, paper touched paper, I didn’t contract. They blew out of my window and I drove off.”

Victoria Police has been contacted for comment.

This was not the first time Chloe has been stopped by police, with a similar incident occurring a year ago that saw her being issued fines for similar incidents.

Social media users said they thought the police should have been “tougher” on her.

“So she was unregistered with fake plates and was allowed to just drive off?” one asked.

“I am so fed up with these cookers being given special treatment.

“Anyone else and they would have pursued them and had them hogtied on the ground on the way to their prison cell.”

“That girl is headed to jail where she will get a big reality check,” said another.

“I hope she doesn’t fall off her skateboard, break her arm, and need a corporate owned ambulance and hospital to come to her aid.”

“Love how she is picking on aspects of other’s looks when she is no oil painting,” one commented.

“Are her mirrors also living in an alternate reality?”

As its core, the sovereign citizen movement is a refusal to be “governed”.

Be it views on government policy, surveillance, Covid-19 vaccine or lockdown mandates, or banking systems, all uphold similar beliefs and share an unwillingness to comply with police directions.

One insider, Robert Sudy, a former pseudo-law adherent, told SBS program The Feed that being a sovereign citizen is like having a “mind virus”.

“I was being led into something that wasn’t really going to work legally,” he said.

First founded in the US, the movement latched on to pseudo-legal ideology and beliefs that they are bound by statute laws only if they consent to those laws.

Ironically, Mr Sudy, who now observes the movement as a researcher, was lured to the movement after Googling how to dispute a traffic infringement in 2011.

“It used to be basically that: tax evasion, getting out of fines, not paying council rates, all those sorts of things.

“Now it’s become like a social phenomena, a type of a tool in which people can exert their feelings of disenchantment with the government.

“And I brought this to the attention of authorities in 2014.”

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