South Australia, shark attack, Elliston: Shark attack off the coast of South Australia

A man has been hospitalised following a possible shark attack in South Australia on Tuesday afternoon.

It has been reported a 64-year-old Elliston man was bitten on his leg by a shark at about 3.15pm, but managed to paddle back into shore at Blackspoint, near Elliston.

The man is believed to have refused ambulance service and was driven to the Elliston Hospital where it is expected he will be flown to the Royal Adelaide Hospital at some point late on Tuesday.

Now in a stable condition, a website dedicated to surfing content, Beach Grit, reported the man was bitten between the “ass and leg”, further speculating a Great White was behind the attack.

SA Police confirmed the injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

The man, who is believed to be a local surfer, was about 200m offshore when the strike occurred.

Another popular surfing website, Swellnet, reported the man was able to get himself to safety despite the injury.

Shared along with the report is a photo of a surfboard with clear damage to the underside of the board, believed to be have been sustained during the shark attack.

The attack comes after a horror year for South Australia in which three people were killed in shark attacks.

Fifteen-year-old Khai Cowley died days after Christmas after being mauled by a shark offshore at Ethel Beach, about an eight hour drive from Blackspoint in Elliston.

In October, Tod Gendle, 55, was killed by a shark off the coast of Streaky Bay where friends watched in horror as he was dragged under the water.

Early in May 2023, teacher Simon Baccanello, 43, was out surfing near Elliston when he too was attacked by a shark at Walkers Rock, just 16 minutes from the most recent attack.

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