Snake kill video: Man fined for sharing video decapitating snake in Munruben, QLD

A man has been fined $700 after filming himself decapitating a python and posting it to social media.

The video showed the man throwing the snake on the ground, before using a shovel to decapitate and ultimately, kill the snake at a property in Munruben, south of Brisbane.

The man was lucky to escape with a $718 fine, with the maximum penalty for the offence being over $14,000.

Senior wildlife officer Jonathan McDonald described the video as “extremely cruel and unnecessary”.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science became aware of the video in June after a member of the public sent them the video.

“During interviews with the man, he admitted he had previously used snake catchers in the past to remove snakes from his property,” Mr McDonald said.

“He also admitted to killing the snake and conceded to wildlife officers it was the wrong thing to do.

Mr McDonald warned Queensland residents that snakes will become more active as the weather warms up, and they begin to search for a mate and hunt for food.

“People need to be aware that snakes are commonly found in residential areas, and most people get bitten when they try to handle snakes,” he said.

“If anyone sees a snake, people should back away and leave it alone. If the snake is inside your house, close a door if necessary or leave the room.

Locals are urged to call a licensed wildlife removal and relocation service if it needs to be removed, and don’t take matters into your own hands or you will get a fine.

Anyone with information about incidents like this is encouraged to call 1300 130 372.

Under the Nature Conservation Act (1992) it is an offence to take, or kill a protected animal unless the person is authorised under the act.

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