Samantha Murphy: Bush expert to help locals track missing mother, Victoria Police say

An expert bush tracker has joined specialist detectives to assist in the ongoing search for missing jogger Samantha Murphy.

It’s been over two weeks since the 51-year-old went missing after she went for a Sunday morning run in Woowookurung Regional Park in Ballarat.

As frantic locals continue to search for the mother of three, investigators said they have recruited more than a dozen highly experienced detectives across Melbourne-based crime ahead of a major search party on Saturday.

“Those highly skilled detectives have been selected for their experience in complex and protracted investigations,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

“They have not been selected due to the crime theme they currently work…”

“We have not taken Counter Terrorism detectives because we think her disappearance is terrorism related.”

NSW bushcraft teacher Jake Cassar travelled to Ballarat to help train locals for Saturday’s search, which is expected to draw hundreds of community volunteers.

Mr Cessar told ABC he had previously been involved in the two-week search for missing NSW boy William Tyrell in 2014 and had been watching Ms Murphy’s case closely.

He said volunteers will be shown to drop pins to mark locations on their phones and will be given whistles and a fluorescent vests.

“We will be looking for any evidence we can find, a mobile phone, clothing, anyone we can speak to, any information we can get to keep this issue alive,“ he said.

Police have urged members of the community to contact them if any items are located.

It’s understood investigators are also currently reviewing CCTV footage as part of their ongoing investigations.

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