Red Wiggle Caterina Mete pregnant with twin girls

The latest of the Red Wiggles has announced she’s expecting twin girls, who are due in July.

Caterina Mete, who became a Red Wiggle in 2021, revealed she was several months pregnant after “a long journey” through IVF, with the help of an anonymous donor.

Mete has worked with the performing group since 2003, initially as a dancer. She is one of two Red Wiggles on the team, along with co-star Simon Pryce.

“I’m due later in the year,” she said on her Instagram, “but I wanted to share this news with you now, as I’ll be seeing many of you at the upcoming Wiggles shows”.

“My girls are already starting to make an appearance!”

Mete said she was “immensely grateful” for the support from her fertility clinic and the rest of the Wiggles team.

“I’m so excited for the adventure ahead, and I can’t wait to be a mum.”

The eight members of the Wiggles currently have seven children, and Mete’s twins would bring the count to nine.

This is the first time a Wiggle has been expecting while active on the team, with the group calling it “an unprecedented and joyous occasion”.

Mete will continue performing with the group until her maternity leave begins later in the year.

Tour dates for the Wiggles in Australia are currently scheduled for March, April and July.

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