Perth dog shooting: Aussie Gold Hunters presenter Rob Dale ‘speaking to lawyers’ after cops shoot dog

A former TV star has lashed police after his pet dog, Monty, was fatally shot by an officer during the arrest of a suspect.

WA Police say they were forced to shoot the eight-year-old French mastiff-Great Dane cross after he attacked the police suspect, a man in his 30s, and a female police officer at a home in east Perth about 9.30am Tuesday.

Police were seeking to arrest the man at the Stratton address when the dog, owned by the former host of the Aussie Gold Hunters TV host Rob Dale, bit the suspect on his legs, and attacked the female officer on her hand and legs.

Dale is not accused of any wrongdoing.

The dog was then shot dead by a male officer to prevent further injury.

Dale said he would be seeking legal advice, and speaking to his lawyers, in the aftermath of the attack.

Speaking to 9News, he said the officers were cruel to not euthanise his beloved dog.

“He was left shot in the back without the use of his back legs and bleeding. He was left in there to die by himself,” he said.

“They’re willing to shoot him in the back and have him die a miserable death but they couldn’t euthanise him.”

Dale said his young daughter has been left “destroyed” by the loss of the family pet, and said he was still “trying to come to terms with”.

After the attack, both the suspect and the female police officer were taken to St John of God Midland Hospital for treatment.

WA Police say the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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