NSW Police continue to search for answers in the investigation into Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies alleged murder

Police are continuing to search for answers in the horror alleged double murder of Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies they say was committed by a serving officer.

Specialist police divers and the Riot Squad scoured two dams on a remote property at Bungonia on Monday where the couple’s alleged killer Beau Lamarre-Condon is believed to have travelled days after the alleged murder.

The search area has been widened to include Grays Point in the Sutherland Shire where the Toyota HiAce van Lamarre-Condon rented was located, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb confirmed on Tuesday morning.

“That’s an area of interest for us,” she told Nine.

“Our divers overnight have finished diving in a dam at Bungonia . However, Police are still on site conducting line searches in and around the area. There’s still, we believe there’s still evidence in that area that might link the murders and the victims to that scene.

Ms Webb appealed to the public for any information they might have, including if they saw the 2019 van with the NSW rego number CW82PM as it drove around Sydney and the surrounds last week.

“We actually think that the search area is everywhere between Newcastle and Bungonia and then down to the south edge of Sydney,” Ms Webb said.

“I’ve got police detectives working and all other specialist resources divers, rescue squad, forensics officers all working around the clock on this.”

“Detectives are going through every single piece of evidence, taking new evidence and really leaving no stone unturned to try and locate Jesse and Luke.

“Because, of course, their families and their friends and the whole community, want to know where they are.”

In a wide-reaching press conference on Monday, NSW Police Commissioner Deputy Commissioner David Hudson revealed the bodies were yet to be found and that officers were investigating whether they had been relocated.

Mr Hudson said investigators were looking into whether Mr Lamarre-Condon may have returned to the property with weights and torches having travelled their earlier with an acquaintance who is “fully co-operating” with police.

The search for answers comes amid a wider fallout from the alleged killing of the young couple by a serving officer, with a NSW Police spokesperson confirming the board for Mardi Gras had asked for police to not attend this year.

Calls for police to forgo the event were dismissed by state and police leadership on Monday, with Premier Chris Minns stating “police should march” while Police Commissioner Karen Webb said it would be a “setback”.

Ms Webb, the state’s top cop, has faced repeated pressure over her handling of the public-facing aspects of the investigation, with 2GB’s Ben Fordham criticising her for not having fronted the media in person until Monday.

On Tuesday, she struck a more conciliatory tone, telling Today show host Karl Stefanovic of reviews into the handling of firearms by officers that “something went wrong (and) we need to do something about that”.

Ms Webb earlier revealed she had called into Victoria Police Shane Patton to appoint a senior officer to oversee the review into the handling of firearms, with police alleging Mr Lamarre-Condon’s pistol was used in the killings.

During the press conference, Mr Hudson provided grisly new details about the alleged murder. He said there had been reports of gunshots in the area of Mr Baird’s Paddington home on Monday, February 19.

Mr Lemarre-Condon is alleged to have had a discussion with an acquaintance days later about the “death of two individuals” and had travelled to Bungonia with another acquaintance in a van rented from Sydney Airport.

Once there, Mr Lemarre-Condon is alleged by Mr Hudson to have “disappeared” into the property with the van before returning sometime later and travelling with the acquaintance, a woman, back to Sydney. The woman is not accused of any wrongdoing.

Mr Hudson said officers were investigating whether during a “gap in the timeline”, beginning from Thursday morning, Mr Lemarre-Condon returned to the property before he was later seen in Newcastle that evening.

Police also shed light on the actions of Mr Lemarre-Condon before the alleged killings, which were described as controlling and included messages allegedly sent by the cop

from Mr Baird’s phone claiming he was moving.

In a separate alleged incident, Mr Hudson alleged the cop had entered Mr Baird’s home and deleted contacts and messages from his phone. For her part, Ms Webb described the alleged killings on Monday as an act of “passion”.

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