NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb slammed after saying she was ‘grateful’ Beau Lamarre-Condon cooperated

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb has copped more criticism over comments made after the bodies of Luke Davies and Jesse Baird were found in rural NSW on Tuesday.

“We are very confident that we have located Luke and Jesse,” Ms Webb said at a press conference earlier today.

“I’d like to say, also, that this information did come with the assistance of the accused, for which we’re very grateful and I’m sure the families are very grateful.”

But Ms Webb’s use of the word “grateful” has been seen as tone deaf.

Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon was charged on Friday with killing Channel 10 star Mr Baird – who he briefly dated – and Mr Davies.

Police will allege he shot his former lover and his new boyfrienddead at Mr Baird’s Paddington home on February 19.

Mitch Swanson, a good friend of Mr Baird’s, slammed the Commissioner’s choice of words on social media after her press conference.

“Saying how GRATEFUL they are to (Beau Lamarre-Condon) for revealing information is just another blow to his family and friends,” Mr Swanson wrote.

“He deserves no form of thanks at all. The police handling of this is an absolute trainwreck … Heartbroken all over again. The boys have been found,” he said.

“We are not grateful in any shape or form that the accused assisted police in finding the bodies of our dear friends.

“What a f**ked up thing to say!”

Ms Webb had earlier sparked fury after appearing on Sunrise and quoting Taylor Swift lyrics as she was being questioned about the alleged double murder.

Host Natalie Barr was quizzing Ms Webb on her decision to stay quiet in the days after Lamarre-Condon was charged.

Co-host Matt Shirvington jumped in, asking whether Ms Webb thought it was fair she was receiving so much criticism for her actions.

“There will always be haters, haters like to hate. Isn’t that what Taylor (Swift) says?” Ms Webb replied.“I have a job to do. It is a big job. This is just one of many.”

She was also forced to apologised for referring to the couple’s alleged murder during Monday’s press conference as a “crime of passion”.

“What I wanted to distinguish, and the point about raising it in that way, was that it’s not a gay hate crime,” she said.

“This is a different sort of crime and they shouldn’t be conflated issues. So, I do apologise if that was insensitive. It wasn’t intended to be.

“It was simply about distinguishing the two issues, that they are different issues, (and) that the motives are different.”

Ms Webb instead described the alleged killings as being related to domestic violence and stalking.

Beau Lamarre-Condon allegedly leads police to bodies

“What I was intending is to say that it’s actually not a gay hate crime and not to be confused with the (inquiry into LQBTIQ hate crimes) and the results of that because this is different,” she said.

Ms Webb has fended off questions about the future of her leadership, after coming under fire for refusing to give an immediate public address following the alleged murder of the couple or arrest of the serving police officer.

“That’s offensive. In fact I’ve already said this morning, on Friday I was in budget estimates which is a parliamentary hearing sworn on oath between nine and 5.30 in the day,” Ms Webb said on Monday.

“The accused handed himself in on Friday, he was charged on Friday. On Saturday morning, I attended the Sunrise event in Bronte Park … to remember those gay men that lost their lives there.”

Striking a defiant tone, Ms Webb added: “Of course I’m doing my job. But I need to let my detectives do the job that I asked them to do.”

Late on Monday evening it was announced that Sydney Mardi Gras organisers had uninvited NSW police from marching in the parade this Saturday.

Ms Webb had previously ignored calls from the LGBTQIA+ community to withdraw.

“I am disappointed in the decision,” she told Sunrise.

“If it is the final decision, then I accept (it) but I will meet with the members of the board today because the actions of one person shouldn’t affect my whole workforce.”

Bodies found

Police revealed on Tuesday that the couple’s bodies had been found dumped in surf bags along a fence near the entrance of a second property at Bungonia, in NSW’s Southern Tablelands.

Officers previously searched two dams at a separate property a short distance away, but ceased search operations in the water there overnight on Monday.

The discovery of the couple’s bodies was made with information provided by Lamarre-Condon, police said.

He had previously refused to co-operate, police claim, but finally did so after advice from a lawyer.

Investigators interviewed him again on Tuesday morning at Silverwater Prison, which is when he revealed their location, police say.

Police found the bodies three hours later, by about 1pm, and within minutes they had informed the families of Mr Baird and Mr Davies.

Mr Baird’s family were photographed at the property on Jerrara Rd, Bungonia on Tuesday evening.

The remains were found a 20 minute drive from the area they was searched on Monday, two hours south of Sydney.

“The first phone call was to the families, to let them know,” Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said.

As well as the two surf bags containing the men’s bodies, police found “other items of interest of significance” along the fence line at the rural property.

“A driveway goes up to a property and a fence line there and it’s off the side of the driveway,” Det Supt Doherty said.

“An attempt appears to have been made to cover the bodies with rock and debris.”

Lamarre-Condon remains behind bars on remand after he handed himself in on Friday to Bondi police station and was charged with two counts of murder.

Police earlier on Tuesday canvassed areas of Grays Point in the Sutherland Shire where a Toyota HiAce van allegedly rented by Lamarre-Condon to move the bodies was found.

The van was seen outside Mr Baird’s Paddington home and later tracked to a property at Bungonia, as well as a suburb of Newcastle before being found parked in Sydney’s southern suburbs on February 23, police allege.

Detectives also allege Constable Lamarre-Condon bought an angle grinder and weights as part of his efforts to conceal the men’s bodies.

Police claim he had shown “predatory” behaviour toward his ex-boyfriend Mr Baird since the pair broke up in late 2023.

It will be alleged in court the police officer sent messages from ex-Channel 10 presenter Mr Baird’s phone the day after the alleged murders.

Vigil for slain boyfriend

Friends and family of alleged murder victim Luke Davies gathered at Bronte Beach at 7pm on Tuesday to remember his life.

While there were no speeches, there was a framed photograph of the Qantas flight attendant and some candles as the sombre group chatted among themselves.

Friends were earlier encouraged to bring a drink to toast Mr Davies.

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