Mum baffled over son Brock Triffitt’s death on lonely road in Tasmania

A parent of a teenager in Tasmania has been left baffled after he died in bizarre circumstances when lying on a lonely stretch of highway just before midnight.

“I don’t know what really happened, and I probably won’t know,” said Sharon Douglas, from Berridale in Hobart’s north, about who her 16-year old son Brock Adam Triffitt perished.

Just before midnight on New Year’s Day, Tasmania Police stated multiple calls came in from motorists on the A3 Tasman Highway at Orielton, a small community about 34km north east of Hobart.

A car had collided with Brock at about 11.55pm who. Perplexingly, the boy “was lying on the road surface,” Police said.

“The driver of the vehicle stopped immediately and contacted police and emergency services.

“Tragically the boy was deceased on arrival of emergency services.”

Police have pieced together some of what happened before Brock died. But what they, and Ms Douglas, cannot fathom is why he was lying prone on the pavement of a major highway in the dead of night.

“I dropped him off at Kingston at his mates that day, because I thought he was going fishing … and I said I love you mate, goodbye and behave,” Ms Douglas told newspaper The Mercury.

Brock, who had just finished year 10 at Hobart’s Montrose Bay High School, had been travelling through Orielton in a blue Mazda Tribute with a group of people who he knew.

Later that night he exited the vehicle and was allegedly left on the road alone.

“There has been some reason why the vehicle had stopped in the road, and the 16-year-old boy had been left behind at that time,” Acting Inspector Adrian Leary said.

“He was struck by a vehicle some time later while on the road’s surface.”

Inspector Leary said the driver of the car that struck Brock was “very traumatised” by the incident and had no alcohol in their system.

The Mazda which Brock had been in earlier was not at the scene in Orielton and was found later abandoned.

Inspector Leary was not able to confirm whether that car had been stolen.

Police confirmed they had spoken to at least one of the Mazda’s occupants but have yet to speak to all of them.

An online fundraising page has been set up to help pay for a memorial.

Ms Douglas said she didn’t blame the driver who ran over her son.

“It was a long, dark road of a night time.

“I feel really bad for the person who did it, because that would be traumatising to actually see.”

Brock was due to start a job with his father, Corey.

“His dad has done a good job of bringing him into line, and I am proud of him for doing that,” she toldThe Mercury.

“He was an awesome kid, I never had him give me cheek once – everyone reckons he was a mummy’s boy.”

Ms Douglas said she wanted to see the place where her son died and to erect a plaque there in his memory.

An online fundraising page has been set up to help pay for a memorial.

“Brock’ life has been taken away too soon.” states the page, “due to an unexpected tragic accident”.

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