Motorcyclist swiped in insane road rage clash on Hume Highway

A motorcyclist has been thrown off their bike and flung across multiple lanes of traffic after being swiped by a driver on a busy NSW highway.

Shocking footage shared on social media shows the motorcyclist move through multiple lanes of traffic on the Hume Highway, near the Campbelltown Road exit, as a silver Audi drives closely nearby.

At one point, the Audi follows the motorcyclist into the right lane before driving up right behind the bike.

In a terrifying split-second moment, the driver appears to slam the left hand side of their car into the rider, sending them flying across multiple lanes of traffic before hitting a concrete road barrier on the opposite side of the highway.

Miraculously, other drivers appeared to miss the rider as they slid across the highway.

The footage shows a number of bystanders pulling over and rushing to the motorcyclist’s aid as they laid on the floor, appearing to grab their left leg.

“Road rage [is] not worth the risk,” Instagram user, vampirebd2001, who shared the clip on social media claimed.
The video was later shared on Reddit where users were quick to point how common road rage incidents appear to be on the stretch of read near the Campbelltown Road exit.

“Nearly every road rage experience I’ve had has been in this area,” one person wrote.

“I hate that part of the road, you have a big change in conditions from low density traffic to high density traffic, while at high speed [and[ lots of people going over the speed limit all rushy,” said another.

The video has reportedly been sent to police.

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