Melbourne news: Captured footage appears to show a woman urinating on an op shop floor

A video of a woman, who appears to be urinating on the changeroom carpet of a second hand clothes outlet, has been slammed online.

The “disgusting” footage is believed to have been shot at an op shop in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

The video was shared on Reddit with the user writing “My wife was shopping in an op shop in the northern suburbs and spotted this while waiting to try on some clothes…”.

The video, which was posted on Tuesday, has the caption “I think this person just did a piss in the change room” prompting debates from users in the comments.

“That’s f****** disgusting. Should have called the police on them,” one wrote.

“Ok.. just NO. This is NOT ok. The workers in the Op shop are already volunteers and a lot of the time are elderly. Come on people have some f****** decency for once?,” another commented.

Some users commented on the fact that it wasn’t a completely uncommon occurrence.

“It happens more often than most people think. While I was jobless I tried to keep to op shops for work for the dole and heard some f****** horror stories of people using the changerooms as toilets,” they posted.

“My mate used to manage op shops, this is not completely uncommon,” wrote another.

There were others who had an alternative, more X-rated theory, for what was taking place behind the curtain.

“This will end up on onlyfans is my guess” one commenter wrote while another said “she’s masturbating for onlyfans”.

Whatever the case, shoppers will be treading carefully when op shopping in Melbourne’s northern suburbs for the next little while.

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