McDonald’s unveils new pineapple fritters among summer specials

McDonalds has committed to one of the most controversial ingredients of an Australian summer, unveiling new pineapple themed items this week.

The “never-before-seen” menu items include pineapple fritters and pineapple sundae, which are sure to drum up conversation amongst Maccas fans who like or dislike the ingredient.

The fast food chain said it was “inspired” by last year’s special summer menu item, the humble potato scallop, deciding to go for pineapple slices covered in a crispy fried coating.

For those who prefer McDonald’s ice cream, they can purchase a sundae covered in pineapple sauce and chunks — with the choice of vanilla and chocolate soft serve for the base.

The restaurant has also unveiled two special summer burgers, the returning Aussie Angus deluxe with beetroot and bacon as well as the McCrispy bacon deluxe.

McDonalds marketing director Samantha McLeod described the new pineapple themed menu items as “the ultimate snack item this year”.

“Whether you prefer your pineapple served warm or cold, we’re giving our Macca’s fans both this summer to put them to the taste test – we can’t wait to hear what our customers think,” she said.

“With an exciting new pineapple snack and dessert, as well as the latest burger spin and the return of an Aussie favourite, Macca’s is bringing the heat this summer with a menu that promises to deliver great taste and great quality, because nothing goes together better than Macca’s and the Aussie summer.”

The items will be available from January 10 across the country.

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