Man crashes car into police vehicle at Sydney petrol station

Shock CCTV footage has emerged of a man crashing his car into an unmarked police vehicle at a Sydney service station.

The bizarre smash-up occurred in the afternoon of February 15, with video showing a police officer filling up at the station before a black Toyota Camry rolls in and slams into the back of an unmarked cop car.

The police officer, facing away, jumps in shock at the crash and appears to shout something at the Camry driver.

The officer then pulls out his notepad and appears to write down the man’s numberplate.

The driver, aged in his 20s, exits the car and paces around assessing the damage as the officer makes a call on his radio.

A NSW spokesman confirmed the incident occurred at a service station on Liverpool Road in Croydon about 2.30pm on February 15.

The police officer went to hospital for an assessment as a precaution.

Both vehicles suffered only minor damage in the crash and the driver has been issued with an infringement notice for negligent driving.

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