Lotto: Man wins over $1m using same Lotto numbers for 15 years

A man who has been using the same lottery numbers for 15 years has walked away with a $1.4m haul over the weekend.

The winning numbers of 17,12, 26, 42, 13 and 34, with supplementary numbers of 41 and 38, were the same numbers used for more than a decade by one of the seven division one winners.

“I’ve been taking these numbers for a very long time – maybe 15 years or more,” the Lismore man told The Lott.

“I don’t take them every week, I’m glad I took them this week.”

The Lismore man he revealed the winning ticket had been stashed in his car.

He said he had to sprint back to his car to find the wayward ticket, purchased at Lismore Square News, in order to confirm the Saturday Lotto win.

After what he described had been a “few tough years”, the northern NSW man said it would take some time to fully comprehend the size of the winnings and how best to spend them.

“I’m stunned to tell you the truth. I don’t know what to say. It’s a big shock,” he said.

Lismore Square News owner David Forsyth said he and his brother had seen two division one winners in the same draw.

“What are the odds of both of our shops selling a division one win for the same draw,” Mr Forsyth said.

He wished the latest winners “all the very best” with the prize money.

Out of the seven winners, four were from NSW and one each coming from Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

A Victorian council worker is set to retire and move closer to his children and a South Australian man thought he’d won a respectful $1400 prize until he further inspected his ticket.

“I initially thought I’d won $1400 or something. But then I thought, ‘hang on, the commas in the wrong place and there’s too many digits,” he said.

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