‘Life-changing’: NSW tradie made instant millionaire by USA lottery win

A NSW tradie and dad-of-three has scored a “life-changing” lottery win, making him an instant millionaire.

The 54-year-old electrician from Merrylands, in Western Sydney, won a division two prize of almost $1 million playing the USA Mega Lotto on Saturday. He entered the overseas draw via The Lottery Office, which allows Aussies to play internationally.

He was stunned to receive a call on Sunday confirming he had won the prize, which totalled A$962,488.

“I’ve been an electrician for 37 years, and each day I get up and go to work with no questions asked,” the lucky winner, who chose to remain anonymous, said.

“When Covid hit, the bank told us we were going to lose our home, and my wife and I both got second jobs to pay the bills and take care of our children. This win is life changing.”

The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood said the Merrylands man was a typical humble, hardworking Aussie.

“He is a hardworking, typical Australian and is very deserving of this new start in life,” Ms Wood said.

“We are delighted this win means so much to him and that we could be a part of one of the happiest moments for him and his family.”

Ms Wood explained that, when Australians purchase lottery tickets via The Lottery Office, the company then purchases a matching ticket in the overseas draw.

“When our customers win, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket,” she said.

Ms Wood said the wins were often “significantly larger” than those on offer in Australian lotteries.

“Even second or third division prizes can be huge, especially if the player opts to play with The Lottery Office multiplier option. It can multiply non-division one wins 10 times,” she said.

Two more huge US lotteries are looming, with the USA Mega Lotto having jackpotted to $357 million for Wednesday’s draw and the USA Power Lotto jackpotted to A$1.2 billion for Tuesday.

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