Labor Government is tracking ex-crime detainees using “drones”

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has revealed the government is tracking 153 immigration detainees, including accused rapists and murderers, using taxpayer-funded drones.

The minister revealed for the first time that the government took drastic measures in order to continuously monitor the number of prisoners the government was forced to release following the decision of the Supreme Court.

“Well, they are under surveillance,” Mr Giles told Sky News.

“What happens is through our strong rules, which impose strict visa conditions on all members of the cohort, including daily checks, as well as other discretionary conditions.

“We’ve invested a quarter of a billion dollars in supporting our law enforcement agencies to enforce this, and that’s made it possible to do things like use drones to track these people. We know where they are.”

When asked why everyone didn’t wear ankle bracelets, he said it was because “the law doesn’t allow it.”

“The law requires that each person’s circumstances be considered. This is required by law,” he said.

“They do so many things to this group: spot checks, random house checks, and the use of drones that I just touched on. And here’s the contrast with the people I talked about earlier who Peter Dutton let go unconditionally.”

Liberal Leader Peter Dutton today insisted he canceled the visa as a minister and the cancellation power was exercised within the framework of the constitution.

However, the prime minister accused him of letting the criminals go free as a minister.

“They were released, there is no curfew, no ankle bracelets, no monitoring, no regard for the safety of the community,” the Prime Minister said.

“There were 102 sex offenders, 64 of whom were child sex offenders. 40 domestic violence offenders with four convictions for murder, alleged murder or accessory to murder, including a British man convicted in 2016 of assisting in the stabbing of a co-worker during a drug operation, helping another man carry the victim’s body the trunk of a car and dump it in a makeshift grave.

“Another British man has been convicted of aiding and abetting murder after a drug partner shot dead another man in a gangland execution.”

Earlier, Immigration Minister Andrew Giles was frankly asked “why he still has a job” in a brutal row over the immigration detention mess that has led to the release of murderers, rapists and criminals.

The outcry follows a NZYQ Supreme Court ruling last year that indefinite detention was unlawful and unconstitutional.

It has now emerged that at least two murderers or attempted murderers and 26 sex offenders released from immigration detention will not be required to wear electronic ankle monitors or have curfews.

Mr Giles claimed he would “get to the bottom of it” and claimed the protocol he had put in place had not been implemented as the government grappled with a national scandal.

“The protocol that I put in place was not followed which is not satisfactory at all,” Mr Giles told the ABC.

“As I said, I’m focused on dealing with the urgent issue, which is the cancellation consideration. I have introduced a new protocol and I want to get to the bottom of what happened.”

ABC Radio AM presenter Sabra Lane opened the interview with Mr Giles by asking why the Prime Minister had not sacked him.

“Andrew Giles, many Australians are thinking this morning, ‘Why do you still have a job?’ – He told.

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