Jesse Baird, Luke Davies: Huge new claim on alleged double murder

Police will allege the murder of Jesse Baird was premeditated by Beau Lamarre-Condon but his partner Luke Davies was killed only for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Fitzgerald told Channel Nine news police believe Baird’s murder was planned and targeted.

Police believe Lamarre-Condon was looking for Mr Baird on Monday last week but also found Mr Davies at the Paddington terrace.

“We will be strongly claiming in our case that this murder was premeditated, and the second murder occurred because of unfortunately Luke’s appearance at the house,” Fitzgerald said.

He said detectives claim there’s also evidence of the accused police officer’s behaviour towards Baird escalating in the weeks leading up to the alleged murder.

He is accused of breaking into Baird’s house, keying his car and pouring water into his car’s engine block.

Fitzgerald said police believe the men’s bodies had been left at a different home in Bungonia, in rural NSW, for a day and a half before they were moved to the second location where they were found.

He alleged police were still at the first home in Bungonia and quickly rushed to the second home to uncover the bodies after information was provided to police by Lamarre-Condon at Silverwater jail on Tuesday morning.

“He agreed at the time to show us where the bodies were, he showed those detectives after we acquired a computer … (for him) to point exactly where the location of the two deceased were,” he told Channel Nine.

A manhunt was launched on February 20 after bloodied clothes and items belonging to the young couple were found in a skip bin at Cronulla, 30km away from where they were last seen.

Karen Webb, Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, said the discovery of the couple’s bodies was made with information provided by Lamarre-Condon.

He had previously refused to cooperate, police claim, but finally did so after advice from a lawyer.

Investigators interviewed him again on Tuesday morning at Silverwater Prison, which is when he revealed their location, police say.

Police found the bodies three hours later, by about 1pm, and within minutes they had informed the families of Mr Baird and Mr Davies.

“The accused finally obtained legal counsel this morning and we were subsequently straight out to jail and asked for his assistance,’ Assistant Commissioner Fitzgerald told reporters.

“There was an attempted interview with him [when he was first arrested] but this is the first time he has willingly told us information.”

Lamarre-Condon handed himself in at Bondi Police Station on Friday, before he was arrested and charged with two counts of murder.

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