Jesse Baird death: TV presenter texted Sydney cop before he died

TV star Jesse Baird texted a casual fling begging him to “refrain from contacting” him months before the infatuated police officer allegedly murdered him and his new boyfriend.

Police allege Studio 10 presenter Baird, 26, and his flight attendant boyfriend Luke Davies, 29, were killed by constable Beau Lamarre-Condon inside his home in Paddington, Sydney.

Mr Baird’s relationship with the serving NSW police officer was initially described by cops as an “off and on” romance that did “not end well”.

Now, Mr Baird’s close friend Corey-Dean Thorpe has rubbished suggestions the pair were ever in a relationship and shared a harrowing text he says his mate sent to Lamarre-Condon.

In November, Mr Thorpe says he helped Mr Baird draft a text message to Lamarre-Condon, where the TV star made it clear he no longer wanted any contact with the policeman.

“I think it’s best if we focus on ourselves and stop seeing each other. I have thought long and hard about this and know it’s the right decision for me,” the draft text message, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, read.

“I would appreciate if you could refrain from contacting me,” he concluded the message.

Mr Baird said he planned to send the text message and block Lamarre-Condon, but Mr Thorpe warned him that if he did, the cop would “just show up at your front door”.

When Mr Thorpe later checked in to ask how the message was received, Mr Baird said he was sent a “written letter” in response.

“How did you go with old mate,” Mr Thorpe joked.

“I sent the message that I showed you and I got a bloody whole written letter back,” Mr Baird replied.

‘Followed home’

Mr Thorpe claimed his friend was earlier “followed home” by an unknown person in a police car in August.

In a separate incident, Mr Baird said he disturbed an unidentified intruder at his Paddington home.

“Jesse called me … He was frantic,” Mr Thorpe told the publication.

“He said, ‘Corey, last night, this morning, I was sleeping in my bed and I had the feeling someone is standing over me, at the end of my bed watching me, and when I woke up they stole my phone and wallet. I bolted after them in Paddington.”

Mr Thorpe said Mr Baird never retrieved his phone, but someone later found his wallet.

On Monday, police said they were probing the actions of Lamarre-Condon before the alleged killings, including what they described as alleged “predatory behaviour”.

“We believe that the accused had attended Jesse’s home address (and) had used a key to enter those premises. We believe that he took possession of Jesse’s phone and deleted contacts and messages,” said NSW Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson.

“None of this was reported to police at the time. And, we’re trying to capture that from acquaintances and friends of Jessie and of Luke in relation to the activities that may make our brief stronger.”

It comes as another friend of Mr Biard’s told ABC’s 7.30 he was never in a relationship with Lamarre-Condon but rather had a casual “encounter”.

“Jesse briefly had an encounter with Beau. He was not his ex-boyfriend,” said Isaac Muller.

“They were never going out.”

Channel 10 journalist Hugh Riminton said Mr Baird had been over the moon after he met Mr Davies.

“He’d found this new love and he’d told so many of my colleagues of his delight in finding Luke, ”Mr Riminton said.

“And at the same time it was overshadowed.”

Police are in the process of searching a remote rural property in Bungonia, in NSW’s Southern Tablelands region, for the couple’s bodies.

It is believed Lamarre-Condon, who handed himself into Bondi Police Station on Friday, is not assisting officers in their search.

Police allege the couple were killed by Lamarre-Condon inside Mr Baird’s Paddington home sometime between 12am and 5:30pm on Monday, and that gunshots were reported to have been heard in the area.

It will be alleged that Lamarre-Condon then travelled with an acquaintance the day after the alleged killing in a rented van to the Bungonia property, having purchased bolt cutters and a padlock.

While at the property, Lamarre-Condon is alleged to have disappeared with the van while his acquaintance waited. The woman is now “fully co-operating” with police and is not accused of any wrongdoing.

Lamarre-Condon is alleged by police to have returned to the Bungonia area on Thursday morning after acquiring weights and torches before next being seen in the Newcastle area later that evening.

Lamarre-Condon called in sick on Tuesday and failed to show up to work the next day. His pistol, which was allegedly fired inside the home, was checked back into a suburban police station that day.

The 28-year-old appeared before Waverley Local Court on Friday afternoon and did not apply for bail. His case was adjourned to April 23.

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