Images show location where Jesse Baird and Luke Davies bodies were found

Eerie new images have shown the exact location where the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were allegedly buried.

Their remains were found behind a mound of dirt on a gravel track in Bungonia in NSW’s Southern Tablelands — just 100 steps off a country road.

Detectives had likely passed the site several times as they searched all week.

Police allege that accused killer cop Beau Lamarre-Condon spent two hours in an interrogation room with police before using a map to pinpoint the exact location of the bodies.

Following murder charges, police will allege Lamarre-Condon moved the young men’s bodies from a remote farm on Hazelton Road, and disposed of them on another property 20 minutes away.

“He did take the bodies to the original site (on Hazelton Road) that we had been searching on the Monday,” claimed Assistant Commissioner Michael Fitzgerald on Ben Fordham’s 2GB breakfast program on Wednesday morning.

“For a reason which we’ll allege later in court was his inability to dispose of them; he then came back again nearly 24 hours later and then removed the bodies from that site and tried to secrete them (near) that street that leads out to the monastery in Bungonia.”

Fordham asked whether the alleged killer drew a “bit of a map or a visual” for police on Tuesday.

“Yeah (he drew a visual).. we’ve got systems in place. We brought the computers in there for him to pinpoint exactly where he left the bodies,” Assistant Commissioner Fitzgerald alleged.

Assistant Commissioner Fitzgerald further claimed that NSW’s new “no body, no parole” laws could have been a factor in Lamarre-Condon’s decision to eventually co-operate with police.

Detectives say they worked with Lamarre-Condon for two hours in Silverwater Prison on Tuesday to uncover the location where the bodies were eventually recovered by detectives.

Lamarre-Condon has been charged with the murder of Mr Baird and his partner Mr Davies.

Deputy Commissioner David Hudson said police will allege that a bullet cartridge found at the scene was from a Glock pistol that had been signed out from Miranda, near Cronulla in Sydney’s south, on Thursday, February 15.

“The gun we know was signed out from Miranda Police Station, where it is normally stored, last Thursday for the purposes of participating in a user-pay event, which is not unusual,” Deputy Commissioner Hudson said.

“Post the incident, we believe the gun may have been stored at Balmain Police Station … before being returned to Miranda the following day.”

There is currently an investigation into whether the gun was legally checked out the entire time.

Mr Baird and Mr Davies’ bodies were found on Tuesday, February 27, stuffed inside surfboard bags and buried in a shallow grave on a remote farm in Bungonia near Goulburn, about 160km southwest of Sydney.

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