Ethan Henshaw accused of threatening to leak nude pictures of ex-girlfriend

A series of texts revealed how a man allegedly threatened to leak nude photographs of his ex-girlfriend to her employer in a bid to coerce her to have sex with him.

Ethan Henshaw is accused of attempting to blackmail his ex-partner, threatening to release intimate photos of her to the employer and friends unless she agreed to sleep with him “one last time”.

The 31-year-old Newcastle man is accues of first threatening his former girlfriend via text message on October 9 of 2022, allegedly revealing he still had access to explicit photographs of her.

Just four days later, he’s accused of sending another round of threatening messages, prompting her to contact police.

The text messages, seen by NCA NewsWire, allegedly sent by Mr Henshaw say that he doesn’t care “about consequences”.

“Do I have to blackmail you into f—ing me?” one text message read.

“Don’t make me. I’ll do it,” another message read.

“I want this one last time. Make it easy and simple and I’ll delete and we move on.”

After the matter was reported, officers charged the 31-year-old with two counts of threatening to distribute an intimate image without consent.

Less than a month after he was hit with those charges, Mr Henshaw is accused of violating an apprehended violence order (AVO) taken out by the alleged victim multiple times, leading to two charges of contravening an AVO being laid against him.

It is understood he spent a month in custody in relation to these breaches and is now out on bail.

Mr Henshaw appeared before the Downing Centre Court, in Sydney, on Wednesday.

Dressed in a navy blue suit, he remained unexpressive while his lawyer spoke to the magistrate, only standing up when asked if he was present in the courtroom.

He has not yet entered a plea and will return to court for a hearing in May.

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