Daniel Andrews resigns days after sneaky ciggie video, pictures go viral

Was this the telltale sign that the Victorian Premier had run out of puff in the top job?

Just days before he announced his departure, a grainy video emerged of Mr Andrews smoking a cigarette with a mate outside an event in Victoria.

The Herald Sun reported that it had long been an “open rumour” that Andrews likes a sneaky ciggie.

But until the slyly-recorded video emerged, it was a rumour that never included a smoking gun.

Not so long ago, the Victorian Premier was promising that “big tobacco” had its last lap.

“You can’t advertise cigarettes on television,’’ Mr Andrews said.

“You can’t advertise at the movies. Or at train stations. Or in magazines.

“But big tobacco companies are always looking for sneaky ways to get around the rules.

“That’s why we’ve banned branding on cars and uniforms at the Grand Prix.

“And it’s why we’re getting rid of every last loophole to prevent cigarette advertising in any form.

“Big tobacco, you’ve had your last lap.”

Until of course, he snuck in a quick dart before announcing his retirement from public life.

Liberal Party powerbroker Michael Kroger observed Mr Andrews had over the years “got away with murder” politically speaking.

“Record debt. Small businesses are still broken and have not recovered from these extreme measures during the lockdown,’’ Mr Kroger told Sky News.

“He leaves a broken, bankrupt state behind him. That’s his legacy.

“The financial recklessness of Daniel Andrews is unprecedented. And will take a generation to recover from.

“He got away with murder, in a political sense, by winning in 2014, 2018 and 2022.

“Victoria will be better for Daniel Andrews having left today.”

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