Daniel Andrews resignation: What he will do next, who will be the next premier

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has revealed what he plans to do next after announcing his surprise resignation.

On Tuesday afternoon Mr Andrews called a snap press conference where he announced it was “time to go” and that he would be stepping down from the top job he has held for nine years.

So, what happens next?

The 51-year-old said he won’t be rushing into a new role anytime soon, telling reporter he plans to have “a bit of time off” and spend more time with his family.

He also wants to “play a bit of golf” and “read the pile of books that are sitting on the corner that have not been read”.

“I’ll do a few things that are about me and I am going to go through what would be a fairly challenging adjustment,” Mr Andrews said.

He said it was going to be a major adjustment going from having “every minute of every day” planned out for him and have “every waking moment” consumed of thoughts of the challenges facing Victoria.

“I am worse than a workaholic,” he said, adding that he spent “every waking moment” thinking about work and that there is “only so long you can do that for”.

“I’m looking forward to a very different pace and doing different things,” he said.

“And I think at least a good part of it will be about trying to support Victoria to be strong and to be leading our nation. That is where we are at our absolute best.”

Who will be the next premier?

The big question on everyone’s lips is who will be Victoria’s next leader.

Mr Andrews will meet with Governor of Victoria Margaret Gardner on Tuesday and formally resign.

He said the Victoria Labor caucus would elect its new leader about midday on Wednesday. His leadership will end at 5pm on Wednesday.

“There will be a caucus meeting at 12 o’clock tomorrow,” he said.

Mr Andrews said he would not speculate on who the new premier might be or give any guidance.

“It is a matter for the colleagues and I am deeply respectful of that process.”

Even before Mr Andrews announced his resignation, Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan was widely tipped to be his successor.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other contenders.

There have been reports that Industry, Employment and Public Transport Minister, Ben Carroll, could possibly be a contender for the top job in the wake of Mr Andrews’ resignation.

When asked if he is confident his successor will continue his legacy and be able to maintain the support of the Victorian people at the next election, Mr Andrews claimed that would be a “matter for them”.

“They will have to work hard, to the extent the legacy is an issue for them because it is not one for me,” he said.

“I have worked this out a long time ago, there are two types of people. People who fixate on these things and they do not tend to build a legacy, they are all about themselves,” he said.

“I have been about the work. Work hard … and the results will speak for themselves and people will form their own views.

“I’m not giving you a list because self praise is not worth much.”

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