Craft beer: Subiaco’s Golden West Brewing Co appoints administrator

Award-winning Aussie beer brand Golden West Brewing Co has collapsed and gone into voluntary administration. The brewer’s entire workface was let go mid-shift last Wednesday, with administrators only keeping on the brew team to finish processing beer already in tanks to be packaged and sold. Golden West was originally established in 2021 as Modular Brewing … Read more

Victoria police rescue of town hikers from remote Alpine Region caught on video

Dramatic new video has captured the moment two hikers were rescued by helicopter after spending the night stranded in Victoria’s remote Alpine Region. The 63-year-old and 71-year-old men were winched to safety by police Air Wing and Search and Rescue Squad officers from Mount Bogong on Sunday. The experienced hikers are believed to have misjudged … Read more

JobSeeker: Millions of Aussies to get cash boost

About five million Australians on social security payments will receive a cash boost when indexation kicks in later this month. People on the age pension, disability support pension and carer payment will receive an extra $19.60 a fortnight for singles and $29.40 for couples every two weeks, starting March 20. The maximum rate of pension … Read more

Terrible impact of Meta refusing to renew commercial agreements with Australian media

The announcement by Meta that it will not renew commercial agreements it has with Australian media will have a devastating impact on all Australians. Cancelling those commercial agreements will obstruct the ability of millions of Australians to access reliable and trusted news and information about the communities in which they live. The news and information … Read more

Victoria, Crime: Police probe mobile phone data in search for missing mother Samantha Murphy

Police investigating the disappearance of missing mum Samantha Murphy will use mobile phone tower data to identify the movements of people in the area at the time. Detectives will scour data from the Ballarat area in Victoria’s Central Highlands where the mother-of-three was last seen on the morning of February 4. It is understood police … Read more

Organ and tissue donation: Chris Picton, Oren Klemich push for all Australians to be able to register as donors via driver’s licence applications, renewals

The rest of the nation should follow South Australia’s lead and allow residents to register as organ and tissue donors via their driver’s licence, the state’s health minister says. While most Australian jurisdictions previously permitted residents to register when applying for or renewing their licence, only SA still does. SA Health Minister Chris Picton said … Read more

Samantha Brett’s Aussie sunscreen brand Naked Sundays hits US stores Target, Urban Outfitters

The breakfast TV reporter turned beauty empire boss behind the TikTok viral sunscreen brand Naked Sundays has opened up about its not-so overnight success. This week, the brand arrived on the shelves of more than 1000 Target and Urban Outfitters stores across the US – a major milestone for founder and chief executive Samantha Brett, … Read more