Caroline Kennedy mans Bunnings barbecue for Sh*tbox Rally fundraiser

Enjoying a sausage sizzle at the local Bunnings is an experience synonymous with weekends in Australia.

It was one of the first experiences Caroline Kennedy had when she arrived in Canberra in 2022. It was also the first time she heard anybody talk about the “Sh*tbox rally”.

An annual Cancer Council fundraiser that attracts around 500 participants, cars worth less than $1500 drive from Adelaide to Perth in April.

It captured the United States’ ambassador’s attention, and now two years later she’s purchased an old Ford Falcon named “Moonshot” to partake in the 3000km rally.

Ahead of her impending drive, she returned to where it all began on Sunday – Bunnings.

Behind a barbecue at a Canberra store, the daughter of the late US President John F. Kennedy was joined by the original barbecue-ers who first introduced her to the campaign to raise money.

“I’m so happy the people who first told me about Sh*tbox, who I bought my first sausage off two years ago are here as well,” she said.

“We’re really excited. Our car is going to be called ‘Moonshot’ in honour of president (Joe) Biden’s cancer moonshot (initiative), and president Kennedy’s race to the moon.”

She said she had met “so many inspiring scientists in Australia” who were working to cure cancer.

“I think having met the people that I’ve met, I could not be more hopeful (that cancer will be cured),” she said.

Ms Kennedy has developed somewhat of a reputation as a revhead since arriving in Australia in 2022, having attended the annual Summernats festival twice.

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