Beau Lamarre-Condon: Owner of Cella Farm, Bungonia speaks about body search

The owner of a property being scoured for the bodies of two men has claimed he has no connection to the alleged murderer and has “no idea” why detectives are searching at his farm.

Fabrizio Cella owns Cella Farm in Bungonia, about 30km from Goulburn, where police are currently searching multiple dams for the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, who were allegedly killed by cop Beau Lamarre-Condon last week.

Police allege Mr Lamarre-Condon made “partial admissions” to a female friend about his involvement in the alleged murders with the pair buying an angle grinder and a padlock before the alleged murderer dumped the bodies at the Hazelton Road property.

Police allege the angle grinder was used to cut the padlock to Cella Farm with Mr Lamarre-Condon using another padlock purchased from the hardware store to replace it.

Mr Cella, however, said he and his wife have no connection to Mr Lamarre-Condon and said he simply received a call from police on Sunday asking if detectives could search the property.

“I’ve been in Melbourne for a christening,” he told about his movements this week.

“I definitely don’t know him, not at all. I just own the property. I don’t know what is going on, I just told police it wasn’t a problem [for them to search] and told them I was happy for them to have a look.

“I have no idea.”

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on the part of Mr Cella, or his family.

Police divers could be seen atop yellow paddle boards searching the surface of one of the dams on Monday morning, while another dam was shallow enough for police to wade through on foot.

Officers have blocked off the entrance to Hazelton Road with multiple police vehicles going in and out of the street throughout Monday morning.

About 12.15pm, police raised eyebrows when they allowed a tow truck under the police tape. The tow truck later returned with a blue tinny on it.

Media were taken with police to briefly access the farm about 9.30am, where an Australian flag and a truck were seen outside the property.

Earlier on Monday, Assistant Commissioner David Hudson outlined the timeline investigators have pieced together, as they continue to build their case against Mr Lamarre-Condon.

He revealed neighbours in Brown St, Paddington have now reported hearing gunshots about 9.50am on Monday, February 19.

That had not been reported to police at the time and the number of shots fired is yet to be determined.

Police will allege in court Mr Lamarre-Condon signed out a service weapon from Miranda police station on Thursday, February 22 – four days before the alleged murders – and returned it the day after it was allegedly used to kill Mr Baird and Mr Davies.

A triple-0 call was allegedly made from Mr Baird’s phone on Monday about 9.54am but the call disconnected without any words being spoken.

On Tuesday text messages were allegedly sent from Mr Baird’s phone to his housemates purporting that he was moving to Perth and instructing them to sell his possessions or put them in storage.

Police allege the messages were sent by Mr Lamarre-Condon, Mr Baird’s former boyfriend, who had previously displayed “predatory” behaviour during their on-and-off relationship which ended late last year.

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