Anthony Pele branded a coward for fleeing overseas after killing man

NSW’s most wanted man has been branded a “coward” by one of the state’s most senior cops, for allegedly fleeing overseas after killing a man and leaving another a quadriplegic.

Anthony Pele is the man NSW Police allege opened fire on Kaashif Richards, Achiraya Jantharat and Ahmad Al-Azzamin a horror shooting of three innocent people at Greenacre in the early hours of July 24, 2023.

In the weeks that followed Pele fled overseas, with an international manhunt underway including in his last known location, Indonesia.

Talking to The Daily Telegraph for Episode 3 of mini docu-series The War II: Kill or be Killed, NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson slammed Pele as a “coward” – and said he also hopes international crime kingpin Bilal Haouchar would one day return to Australian shores to face the music.

“With a bit of pressure, the coward’s run away,” Dep Comm Hudson said.

“They can be a hero with a gun in their hand and, you know, a faceless person, but once the pressure comes on, they run.

“It’s not the first time we’ve experienced this (and) we’ve been pretty successful in getting people back if they go to a place that we have the appropriate extradition laws in place with.”

Pele is allegedly a member of the Haouchar organised crime network, which has long been overseen from Lebanon by Bilal Haouchar.

Haouchar’s crime cell was at one stage a billion dollar business, however that all came to an end last year when NSW Police’s Strike Force Tromperie arrested dozens of people allegedly involved.

That included Haouchar, with NSW Police working with Lebanese authorities to have him detained over there.

To the surprise of many who thought Haouchar would soon buy his way out of detention, he still remains in jail in Lebanon, with Dep Comm Hudson saying he would “love” to one day see him back in Australia in handcuffs.

“For resolution of the job, I’d love to see Bilal Haouchar back here … to face our courts,” he said.

“Because I think this is where it all started for him before, you know, it became too uncomfortable for him and he took off those years ago.

“I think one of the messages that’s come out over the last few years is there are no safe havens overseas.

A priority for police is bringing Pele to justice for the death of Mr Al-Azzam and the wounding of Mr Richards and Ms Jantharat.

Investigators allege the innocent trio found themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

That shooting, on top of the deaths of Marvin Oraiha, Alen Moradian and Ferenc Stemler, and the wounding of criminal lawyer Mahmoud Abbas, led to the formation of Taskforce Magnus.

As of last week, the police super squad had charged people for their involvement in all of the fatal shootings.

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