AFL grand final: Channel 7 slammed for missing key moment in KISS performance

Disappointed fans have shared their frustration after the Seven news broadcast of the AFL grand final missed a crucial detail.

Rock legends KISS took to the stage before the game kicked off between Collingwood Magpies and the Brisbane Lions at 2.30pm on Saturday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The Rock band pumped up the crowd with their classic 1975 track, “Rock and Roll All Nite” featuring pyrotechnics, and hundreds of dancers donning the iconic black and white face paint and wagging their tongues in tune with the act.

As the final guitar solo sung out over the stadium, the crowd crept to their edge of their seats as lead singer Paul Stanley started to swing his guitar overhead.

The rocker was gearing up to smash the guitar on the stage, amping the crowd up with each swing.

The atmosphere was electric at the ‘G’ with the camera sweeping over the stage as dozens of flame jets shot up into the air.

Though just as Stanley was about to pound the guitar into the stage, the live broadcast switched to an aerial shot of the stadium – completely missing the show’s climax.

The next time the camera panned to him, he was holding the jagged edged neck in one hand.

Outraged by the slip up, fans turned to social media to blast the broadcaster for missing the key moment of the performance.

“Sack the producer in the studio who missed the crucial moment of the guitar smash,” one user wrote in a post to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Guitar smash would have been nice to see! Well done Channel 7. Great for the fans at home,” another said.

More to come.

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